Sam Potts


Released is a platform that provides tools for customer communication, including changelogs, roadmaps and feedback. is a platform that provides tools for customer communication, primarily via AI-generated changelogs based on Jira issues, public roadmaps and capturing and processing user feedback. We launched in early 2022 and are growing fast.

The stack

  • Front end: React, TypeScript, React Query, Tailwind CSS
  • Back end: Node.js, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, AWS, Cloudflare
  • DevOps: Docker, GitHub Actions, AWS, Cloudflare
  • Embeds: Preact, TypeScript, SWR, Tailwind CSS

My role

I’m a Founding Engineer at Released and mostly focus on the front end and design where my strong points are. Of course, I also help out with the back end and DevOps when needed.

Notable acheivements

  • API performance improvements - previously our embed requests would take ~800ms to load the JSON required to render the embed. I managed to get this down to ~25ms by using CloudFront’s support for the stale-while-revalidate cache header. This means we can serve stale data while revalidating the cache in the background, which is perfect for our use case, given it’s not critical that the data is up to date for the first request after an update.